Honey & Oatmeal

Honey & oatmeal are two very simple ingredients that most people have sitting in a cabinet. Funny though,  I didn’t. I had to go buy more.

Years ago when I made handmade soaps I found the honey & oatmeal bar was one of my favorites. It provides a soft warm sent, nice lather, I didn’t feel dried out after wards and the winter dry itch is soothed by the oatmeal and the honey naturally provides moisture to your skin.

It is also a nice looking bar in its simplicity. I know a lot of soap makers like to impress with fancy swirls and colors but I like a nice practical soap that helps keep my aging skin feeling soft and looking nourished.

I’m going to put together a combo pack for a nice winter combo for dry skin.  Right now I’m  thiking out loud. what my idea is ….

A bar soap – The foaming hand and body soap – A lotion – a votive candle

Set in a nice box set.

I would like to pair my products to make it easier to buy those things that work so well together. Let me know what you would like to see. Favorite color and scent? A specific skin type?  A certain product grouping? A great gift pack idea?

I would love to hear from my readers what it is you are looking for to meet your needs.

Try the new Honey & Oatmeal bar.

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