The World of Inspiration

Being at the beginning of my endeavors means I spend a considerable amount of time trying to get things right. I have spent the last 2 weekends working on the non-production process of labels, web design aspects and learning to use Illustrator. I would much rather be in the kitchen making things. That is so much more relaxing.

We have a count down to farmers markets in the area reopening so I need to take this in-between season to work on the administrative side. Necessary but not a lot of fun. I do love it when an image or the logo comes out better than expected. I also know that once I have everything completed it becomes plug and play to change a scent or if there is a change in ingredients.

But I would much rather be in the kitchen. I spend my whole week at work at a computer so this does feel a lot like work to me.

See my next post though because I have a new foaming face wash that I have so fallen in love with. All natural and it smells wonderful because of the honey in it.

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