Marry Christmas

What a busy time of year. If it isn’t running out for that list gift it is finishing the fourth quarter at work with a bang.

Then there is the side business I am trying to start. It can all be overwhelming at times. There are logos to develop jpeglogo and soap stamps to order. It seems every time I turn around I find another piece of equipment I need to purchase to make that one more even better product.

I was blessed with a flight to New Hampshire to go see my son. It was beautiful having snowed the day before.

me-1              me and Michael 1.jpg

That all makes for a very busy week. My skin was taking a toll so I decided to pull my favorite products together and make a winter bath combo. Grapefruit Body lotion, Honey foaming face and body cleaner, Peppermint-Clove Soap and my Peppermint Lip balm. I now feel wonderful and feel so much better healed and protected from the cold winter weather.

You can see my Luxury Winter Combo here.  Luxury Winter Bath Combo.

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