A New Favorite

Honey Foaming Face and Body Wash

This new Foaming Face and Body wash is now one of my all time favorites. With gentle, natural ingredients I was at first skeptical. But I love everything about this soap. The rich amber color which comes from the Honey. I buy local honey only because I know it is a natural product and I like to support local producers.

The rich lather was even more than I expected. I  don’t know about you but I am like a little kid when it comes to my soap in the shower. I like lots of bubbles. This wash will not disappoint at all. The secret to the foaming isn’t in the soap itself but in the dispenser. Being a natural product it is not thick like the store bought gels. But a little on a washcloth or scrunchy goes a long way. I give four pumps and I am able to lather up my entire self.

The scent is gentle and warm. The main ingredient that creates a scent is the honey. With the steam in the shower I am enveloped in a warm soothing scent. I did not need to add any fragrances or scent inducing essential oils. I can get those afterwards from my lotion or body butter.

You might think, “Yuck, won’t honey be sticky?” Well, by itself it is but the process of making this liquid soap blends the honey into the mix to where all of the sticky is gone.

This liquid soap leaves an amazing clean. I use it as a face wash also and it takes all of the make up off. I apply a nice toner (Coming next weekend) and then my favorite lotions.

Body lotion for regular days and Body butter for the cold weather days.

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If you are ready to try a new amazing soap then order your’s today

Honey Foaming face soap  Introductory Price of $9.99


IF you have any questions or comments please contact me. aashley@cozysoaps.com 



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