Work is Work…. Do you Love it? I do!

I am so fortune in my life that I love both of my jobs.

For more than 40 Hours a week I am the Marketing Director for a Law firm in Houston, TX. I work with a great group of people and we are in a position of really helping people. We have great clients and I’ve been doing this work for over three years. I love it.

Then on the side I make handmade soaps and bath products. I am a person that loves to be in the kitchen. I love cooking but cooking too much tends to put on the pounds. I find that making my products is very similar to cooking. You mix different ingredients, scents and create texture that is sensually pleasing. I love the process of creating something new or following a recipe and it coming out perfect. Which happens more than the failures. I’m glad to say.

But no matter what you do, unless it is strictly a hobby, there is a lot of planning and work involved, with that work comes results. If it is increasing traffic to our law firm or letting more people know of my latest product it is all marketing. The last time I had a home based business he internet was not so huge. Before I would reach out to a local market and now I can reach people around the globe so easily.

Buying supplies has become so easy. With the click of a mouse we can now have the best natural organic materials shipped right to our doors in days. It is a thrilling time to be in business. Research is a dream. I have been studying everything from how to make the best products to how to succeed in the local craft fair market.

The journey continues and I invite you to join me in it. For the last week or so I have had to set down the double boiler and gloves and work on the administrative side of the business. Breaking down costs, taking inventory, building the storefront, setting goals and writing marketing and business plans. All of this is just as important and perfecting your soap recipe for the richest lather, or gathering receipts for the end of year taxes.

Next week I will be building supplies and creating new combinations. I am planning on creating beautiful gift sets and making some products for men. Looking forward to that since I have one : ) but in the mean time I am working the administrative end.

I am also happy to report I was just issued today my first paycheck from That is where you see the reward. Of course I have not hit my break-even point yet but this is just the beginning. My ultimate goal is to be able to have a business big enough that I am home with my son. He will be moving here in June after his father passing away December 1st. I have a few months to get this all up and running and to a point of realizing a profit. I am very optimistic and see a hopeful future.



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