A Week in Review – New Business

Hello Everyone. If you have been following you will know that I have started up my new business “Cozy Soaps”. I love making, creating and developing new soaps and combinations of products that make people feel wonderful.

But being in business also means a lot of time spent doing administrative work. Tracking expenses, recording inventory, costs etc. Then there is the marking side which is social media, newsletters, blogging and updating the web site. Both the creating and the business side are equally important.

I am splitting my weekend into to parts. Half I’ll work on new products and ideas and the second half I will be working on the administrative side. Since I woke up to a rainy day it is easier to stay indoors and get this work done.

During the week I study and research best practices, marketing etc. This weeks study has been how to make money at craft fairs. I came across a book from Made Urban that is wonderful not only for the arts and craft person but the marketing knowledge in the book. This book was a must have for my business library.

“Disclaimer, these are not affiliate links I make no money by recommending, just really good professional and helpful information and products”.

It was a well invested $15.00 that has work sheets and planning guides and chock full of helpful information for starting a business or taking it to the next level.

Then I get to move on to inventory. Time to check it all out, see what I have and determine what and how much I have. With crafting products it to so easy to keep making more. Before you know it you have a room full of soaps, lotions and other products. It is nice to look at one page and see what everything is.

I have ordered my soap stamp with our company logo for the profession touch on each bar, It came out perfect and I am looking forward to seeing the final result. The company that made it for me got my logo exactly as I had created it.  Thank you Alex at Custom Soap Stamps for a beautiful job.

Then I need to tweek my web site. I need to complete my products page so they list all ingredients to my different products.  I found a whole seller I love at Nature’s Garden. Top quality natural products and quick delivery.

Then the fun begins. Last time I made lotion it was a nice, light body lotion that is great for quick use after hand washing or just throughout the day. Today’s lotion is will be a richer formula. Still from a pump bottle. I guess I am looking for something between the Body Butter and the light lotion.

Here on the last day of 2016 I get to do what I love most. Stay home and be very creative.

Starting next week I will start on a line for men. Soaps and lotions a man would love to use because they make him smell like a man, (No flowers here) and women would love to be near because he smells great.

Let me know if you have a special request for scents, and email me your custom made gift package requests. Also keep in mind that Valentines day and Mothers day are coming upon us quickly. I will have spa sets ready for both occasions soon.

Love and Blessings


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