Soap Making is an Obsession

Once you have begun and the fever sets in soap making takes over all of your free thought time and processes. OMG.


I spend my free-time looking at different recipes, studying what others are making, learning about the properties of different essential oils. Constantly learning how to make a better product.

Every time I go to a store I’m looking for packaging materials and ideas, new oils to use, I find I am always on the lookout for anything that may work or be helpful in my business.

Even as I fall asleep at night I am thinking about what I would like to make next.

The problem is that we live in a small one bedroom apartment. It is about 700 sq ft and we are being taken over by materials, equipment and products. It is absolutely wonderful. At least I think it is, my boyfriend may not agree.

I have boxes stored under corner tables. I have packed up my much loved books to organize my supplies of oils, salts and additives.

We are planning on buying a house soon. At first Todd was asking how many shelves to I need in a storage unit? I started describing my needs and this really could benefit from a whole work room. I have a feeling I am going to be first and foremost in the new home looking at very creative storage solutions. I am so excited.

My dream in the next 6 months is to begin going to craft fairs and having my own booth to sell and network Cozy Soaps. That means I need room to store supplies, completed products, as well as the tent, tables and displays needed to run a booth.

I do see as a new business owner there are so many important steps to take.

I’m grateful to my education in marketing and my experience working on the job.

With starting a business you must get to know the personality (Branding),  Hopefully it is an extension of the creator.

You need a business plan, a business strategy and marketing plan and strategy.

If, as a business owner you just want to be in the kitchen creating then it might as well remain a hobby. If you want to take a hobby to the next level then you need the entrepreneur’s spirit with a business mindset.

From the very beginning you set your policies into place of things like pricing, inventory control and monitoring. Record keeping, product recipes and procedures. I’m thinking it is easiest to begin all of this in the beginning instead of having to back track later.

Welcome to my journey…..enjoy the ride.

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