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Me and Todd at Refest 2015


My name is Ashley and I live in Houston Texas. This is an area that plays havoc on your skin. Incredibly humid in the summer and enough cold in the winter to strip any moisture from it. I got tired of using store product. I looked in my cabinet and saw all of the 1/2 used bottles of items I had purchased and did not care for the results. So in my spare time I decided to start making my soaps and lotions again.

I am a Marketing Director for a law firm during the week. A full time job that could always require more than the overtime hours I already give to it. Needing a break on my weekend I started making my products again. I did this years ago and still do not know why I stopped.

I have 3 kids and a great boyfriend, Todd. My son is 11 and my 2 daughters are 28 and 21. I have a great family that is spread all over this country. And an intense love for the outdoors. You cannot leave me inside any longer than 2 hours at a time.

This is my first time “Blogging”. It combines my love for writing with what I am working on. I will share my successes and failures, and just look at make new friends and share ideas.

I hope you enjoy this and please leave comments and share what you like best, or what you are doing also.

Love and Blessings,